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114 - January 2017

Alan Ashton - Presenter of ORGAN1st Radio
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ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute Podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton. You can contact Alan Ashton at

You may also like to visit a website dedicated to the late German Organist.
This website is maintained by MSS Studios who run where many current recordings can be purchased.
ORGAN1st Radio Show 114 - January 2017

The audio will start automatically, click || to pause and drag the bar to navigate the show if required. You can download all the MP3s from our Home Page.

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Gerald Shaw, Jelani Eddington, Vic Hammett, John Kyffin, Claudia Hirschfeld, Chris Barber, Bruno Hoff, Harold Ramsey, Sidney Torch, Mike Sullivan, Graeme Wright & Klaus Wunderlich.

Song Of Home
Gerald Shaw
A Song Of Home (LP)

Song Of The Bells
Jelani Eddington
Sleigh Ride Vol.2 (Deleted CD)

Vic Hammett
Demo Disc

Melody On The Move
Vic Hammett
Concert Recording Extract

Right Said Fred
John Kyffin
A Juniors Choice CD

A Morning In Cornwall
Claudia Hirschfeld
My Heroes CD

True Love
Chris Barber
Music From The Movies CD

Long Ago And Far Away
Bruno Hoff
Private Recording

Theres No Greater Love
Bruno Hoff
Private Recording

Swanee / The Man I Love / I Got Rhythm
Harold Ramsey
Wonder Of The Wurlitzer Vol.2 (Deleted CD)

Love And Learn
Sidney Torch
Torchlight Music (Deleted CD)

Goodbye To Love
Mike Sullivan
Private Recording

A World Without Love / Sand In My Shoes
Graeme Wright
A Paramount Performance (LP)

Auld Lang Syne / Amazing Grace / Mull Of Kintyre
Klaus Wunderlich
An Evening With Klaus Wunderlich (Double CD)

Lunch Boxer (Show Theme Tune)
Jerry Allen & His Trio
The Music Of Jerry Allen & His Trio CD

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