ORGAN1st Radio Audio Podcast 53 - February 2012

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This show includes tracks from: Bob Eyer Jr., Buddy Cole, Sidney Torch, Joseph Seal, John Kyffin, Alan Haven, Ronald Curtis, Vic Hammett, Max Takano, Douglas Reeve, Steve Hubble, The Three Suns, Rob Richards and Jerry Allen & His Trio.

Lunch Boxer (Show Theme Tune)
Jerry Allen & His Trio
The Music of Jerry Allen & His Trio CD

Let's Go To The Movies
Bob Eyer Jr.
Puttin' On The Pipes (deleted CD)

I'm Beginning To See The Light
Buddy Cole
Swinging At The Hammond Organ - Four Stereo Albums double CD

Looking Around Corners For You
Sidney Torch
Torchlight Music CD

Dainty Doll
Joseph Seal
Plays Family Favourites (LP)

We All Stand Together / Minuetto Allegretto / Golden Brown
John Kyffin
Here Comes The Sun vol.5 (CD)

Fool On The Hill
Alan Haven
Everybody's Talkin' CD

Jolly Gilette
Ronald Curtis
(OTHER tracks from this LP are on the Theatre Organ Echoes vol.1 and vol.3 CDs)

Forty-Second Street
Vic Hammett
Theatre Organ Echoes v.4: Around the World CD

Waltz Of My Heart
Vic Hammett
Baldwin Magic (LP)

Polonaise Eroica
Max Takano
Full Score (deleted CD)

Gold & Silver
Douglas Reeve
Gentleman of Music (deleted CD)

One Brief Summer
Steve Hubble
Shades (cassette)

The Carioca
The Three Suns
The Things We Love in Hi-Fi (LP)

Hurry Momma… The Cartoon's On
Rob Richards
El Capitan (deleted CD)

Lunch Boxer (IN FULL)
Jerry Allen & His Trio
The Music of Jerry Allen & His Trio CD

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